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Synod Vice President Reflects on Women in Ministry


In an interview with The Banner, the vice president of synod Thea Leunk expressed concern and cautious optimism about the progress of women pastors in the Christian Reformed Church. [Synod is the CRC’s annual general meeting.]

Women are receiving calls, Leunk said, but “few of us are solo or senior pastors. Usually women are called to be co-pastors.” Leunk is an exception. She has been the head pastor of Eastern Avenue CRC in Grand Rapids, Mich., for 11 years.

But Leunk noted that in 2017, she is the only female synodical delegate who is an ordained minister of the Word. “It’s been 20 years,” she said. “There is [among female pastors in the CRC] an impatience with how long it’s taken to become fully integrated into the leadership of the CRC.”

Leunk did not have a singular answer of why women pastors are not better represented at synod. For some classes (regional assemblies that send delegates to synod), there are one or two women pastors. “You can’t keep sending them every year,” she said. Other classes choose not to send women. How to encourage the classes to delegate more women pastors? “The directive is already out there,” she said. “More encouragement? More reminders?”

Leunk has been heavily involved in denominational ministry for many years. She served previously as vice president of synod in 2008 and was also on the executive in 2012. Asked how she deals with her role as the face of women pastors in the CRC, she said, “I try to model as best I can what it means to be a pastor.” She added, “To be a pastor. Not a male pastor or a female pastor, but just a pastor.”

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