Synod 2017 Designates Annual Day of Justice

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Beginning in 2018, the synod of the Christian Reformed Church, the denomination’s general assembly, encourages its churches, classes (regional clusters), ministries, and educational institutions to set aside an annual Day of Justice, preferably the third Sunday of August. In the words of the synodical recommendation, “This day will serve as a designated time for congregations to consider the meaning of biblical justice, to lament injustices in the world, and to commit themselves to the transforming work of standing alongside people whom society oppresses and pushes to the margins.” The timing of the Annual Day of Justice (August 19, 2018) aligns with the United Nations designated World Humanitarian Day in its call “for global solidarity with the more than 130 million people around the world who need humanitarian assistance to survive.” The Race Relations and Social Justice Offices and World Renew have been given responsibility to promote the Day of Justice.

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