Wisconsin Church Helps Feed the Hungry

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First Christian Reformed Church of Randolph, Wisc., may be a small church, but it has a big heart for feeding people who are hungry. The congregation has raised thousands of dollars to combat world hunger.

The church is home to the Randolph Growing Project, in which local farmers designate the proceeds of some of their land and crops for the Foods Resource Bank. FRB is a world hunger program that partners with World Renew, the relief and development agency of the Christian Reformed Church, as well as other partnering agencies.

The church hosted a farmer’s breakfast to tell local farmers about the program. “I simply mentioned how in biblical times, farmers left some of the crops standing at the edge of the fields for gleaning by the poor [and] widows,” said church pastor Ken Prol. Prol anticipates the farmers will raise $5,000 this year for world hunger.

On November 12, 200 church members and friends from the surrounding community also held a fundraising chili supper and raised $2,090 for the program.  
Prol said, “I believe this has given us a new sense of identity and a mission that involved a very large percentage of members.”

The congregation plans to continue hosting farmer’s breakfasts to raise money for the Food Resource Bank through similar projects.

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Amy Toornstra is a freelance news correspondent for The Banner. She lives in Salem, Oregon.