Former Banner Editor Rev. Andrew Kuyvenhoven Dies

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Andrew Kuyvenhoven, editor of The Banner from 1979-1989, passed away peacefully on December 1. He was 88 years old. His son Rev. Leonard Kuyvenhoven said he encouraged others and remained a teacher of the gospel to the very end.   

As Banner editor, Kuyvenhoven pastorally and even-handedly lead the church in discussions of pertinent issues. “And he could do it (mostly) while retaining a sense of humor,” Leonard said. “He loved the gospel and he loved the church.”

Kuyvenhoven also authored several books. Perhaps the best known and loved of those are Comfort and Joy: A Study of the Heidelberg Catechism and Daylight: 366 Daily Devotional Readings.

The Banner’s In Memoriam for Kuyvenhoven will follow in print and on our website at a later date.

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Gayla Postma retired as news editor for The Banner in 2020.