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Andrew Kuyvenhoven was a kind and compassionate man of integrity. His warm and insightful opening of Scripture came from a keen mind and a joyful dedication to his Lord that did not change, even when he was under hospice care. Kuyvenhoven died peacefully on December 1, 2015. He was 88 years old.

Kuyvenhoven immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands in 1952 and graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary in 1958. During his many years of ministry, he served five Canadian Christian Reformed congregations: First CRC in Lethbridge, Alta.; First CRC in Hamilton, Ont.; Wallaceburg (Ont.) CRC; ClearView CRC in Oakville, Ont.; and Bethel CRC in Waterdown, Ont. Kuyvenhoven also served as theological editor for CRC Publications from 1971-1976 and as editor of The Banner from 1979-1989. He retired in 1992.

Author of several books, study guides, and devotionals, Kuyvenhoven’s devotional Daylight, went through 10 printings and was translated into a number of different languages, blessing thousands of readers by shedding light on what it means “to live in the presence and promises of God,” a theme that was beautifully played out in his own life.

Kuyvenhoven loved the CRC and its culture. He could also see its shortcomings and recognize its broader missions. He boldly burned wooden shoes, puzzled about Sabbath keeping, encouraged the church to equally embrace women and children, and to include ethnically varied expressions of praise in worship.

Of all his roles, Kuyvenhoven’s children acknowledged at his funeral the one they prized the most—his role as dad. “He loved us wholeheartedly, unconditionally, sacrificially, and unreservedly,” they said. “He leaves us a rich legacy of love and faith that we receive gladly and thankfully.”

Kuyvenhoven was predeceased in 2009 by his wife, Ena. For over 56 years they were devoted partners in life, ministry, and service to God. He is survived by his children Johanna Kuyvenhoven and George Hope, Joyce and Hal Maring, Phil and Lori Kuyvenhoven, Margaret and Frank Hofland, Cora Kuyvenhoven and Martin Spencer, Leonard and Sue Kuyvenhoven, and by 15 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.


Former Banner Editor Rev. Andrew Kuyvenhoven Dies

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