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Connie Nourse—a math and science teacher, principal, and janitor among other things at Crossroads Schools—recently received the Giving Spark award from the Longmont (Colo.) Community Foundation.

This was the third year the Longmont community presented the award to acknowledge a person in the community who has done an exceptional job with an issue or nonprofit in the community.

Nourse has been teaching since 1990 and helped start Crossroads four years ago along with Barb Bulthuis after she saw the need for a nontraditional school in the community.

“When I first moved here I worked at a local Christian school that was a very typical Christian school,” Nourse said. She says she saw a need while working with children who don’t have the best home life.

That was when she decided to start Crossroads. It began with four students and has grown to 19; that number is still growing.

“[Nourse] does exceptional work with kids,” said Eric Hozempa, executive director of the Longmont Community Foundation. “She does a fantastic job in our community with Crossroads School and I think that really just came through [in her application].”

Nourse received a $1,000 grant to the organization of her choice and a hand-blown glass award with a design meant to reflect the spark of the community.

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