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Problem: you’ve just moved to a new area and are having trouble remembering where the grocery store, bank, and perhaps even the nearest Starbucks are. How do you go about finding a church when you’re not even sure where to look?

Two members of Dwell, a Christian Reformed church plant in New York City, have come up with a solution. Sean Coughlin and Glenn Erickson developed FaithStreet, a website that provides a place for churches and people to connect.

Coughlin and Erickson met Peter Armstrong, the pastor at Dwell, a couple of years ago at a Christian leadership conference. Armstrong was getting the church set up as Coughlin and Erickson were getting their company set up.

Since then, Armstrong has used FaithStreet’s services as a way to reach people along the Bowery in the city and to develop his church. “Dwell has been a great partner,” said Coughlin. He added that the church has been a willing pilot for new ideas, including FaithStreet’s online giving platform.

Armstrong likes the fact that although the connection between people and churches begins online, FaithStreet fosters community by getting people off the computer and into church. He also appreciates the prayer and giving functions. “It’s a great way to keep in touch during the week,” he says. What’s more, “FaithStreet is there exclusively for churches.”

The company launched in September 2012. Since then, 12,000 congregations from over 100 different Christian denominations have joined. Armstrong is grateful for FaithStreet because it has helped “seekers and believers who are looking for a church find Dwell. FaithStreet is helping us accomplish our goal of seeing lives transformed in New York City.”

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Great idea. I'd also like to see a place for CRC or RCA folks to connect, in places where there is no established church. Folks could get together for Bible study or social reasons and, in time, form the nucleus of a church plant.