Taking a Cold Walk to Raise Funds for Homelessness

Council members, young people, and other members of Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island) Christian Reformed Church walked five kilometers together on February 23 through deep snow in temperatures of -8 C (about 18 F).

Walkers from Charlottetown CRC raised $5,500 to fight homelessness.

They walked to raise funds for a local ministry for people without homes. The Saturday-evening walk was part of a coordinated Canada-wide event called The Coldest Night of the Year held in cities across Canada to raise $1,000,000 to fight homelessness.

The Charlottetown walkers walked in three teams—Suzy’s Sassy Strollers, Tulip Stompers, and Walkin’ a Mile—to raise $5,500. They joined more than 300 walkers in Charlottetown who together raised nearly $32,000.

The congregation became involved in the local event because the youth director, Albert Huizing, is part of a prayer group at Solomon’s Porch, the city’s homeless shelter. “We were praying for direction and the decision to take part in the nation-wide ‘coldest night’ even grew out of that prayer,” Huizing said.

Christian Reformed congregations in Ottawa, Ontario, and in Lethbridge Alberta, also participated in the Coldest Night event, which raised $1.3 million nationwide.

About the Author

Ron Rupke is a freelance news correspondent for The Banner. He is a member of the Fellowship CRC in Brighton, Ontario.

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"Charlottetown, Ottawa, Lethbridge" ... what's Halifax - chopped liver?  Why do they get all the glory?  Hee hee.  Well done, Charlottetown friends.