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Red Mesa Churches Refresh Discipleship Skills


After church members filled the first workshop on discipleship last June, Classis Red Mesa approved further funding for another workshop this fall.

Participants in Classis Red Mesa’s Real Grace workshop.

The workshop “Real Grace: Disciples Making Disciples” was developed by Brian Kruis, the son of missionaries to the Navajo. Since then it has been offered twice more in varied formats. More than 35 people have attended the workshops and groups.

Workshop participant Tim Eisenga said, “Real Grace is a great tool to deepen your spiritual friendship in Christ with a fellow believer, new believer, or seeker through discipleship.” Eisenga said he is actively using the skills he learned in the workshop as he “continues passing on grace to others.”

Kruis, who also facilitates the workshops and groups, said, “The purpose of the workshops is to expose Christians to the reality that disciple-making can be simple and doesn’t need to take a lot of time and preparation.”

Real Grace Ministries has developed DVDs that churches can use to host their own workshop for their community,” said Kruis.

Classis Red Mesa approved $500 for the workshop to include lunch and child care for participants, books at reduced rates, and technological support. Theological Education And Ministry Skills (TEAMS) Classis Red Mesa receives its funding from ministry shares paid by churches, and friends of Classis Red Mesa. Additionally, when Southwest Missionary Bible Conference disbanded, they designated funds to TEAMS for training Native American leaders.

“Brian has developed a well-reasoned and prayerful approach. TEAMS was glad to sponsor a second Real Grace event,” said Pastor Rob Byker, TEAMS chair.

Kruis plans to offer the workshops as long as churches continue to express interest.


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