Arizona Church Supports Local Teachers

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Palm Lane Christian Reformed Church, Scottsdale, Ariz., enriched its relationship with nearby Yavapai Elementary School by serving the teachers an elegant back-to-school breakfast.

Palm Lane Volunteers serve teachers at the back-to-school breakfast.

Yavapai is an ethnically diverse school that receives federal funds for its lower-income population of 620 students. Last spring, teachers cleaned out and stored their classroom materials as renovations to the 50-year-old school building began. Recently they returned to the upheaval of continued construction.

Donna Lowe, a former teacher herself, coordinated the breakfast out of a desire to improve the start of the school year. She said, “We wanted to give them an oasis of calm and normalcy on an otherwise chaotic day. In an unsettled environment, we wanted our church to offer a place of peace.”

Members of Palm Lane CRC have a deep and wide relationship with Yavapai that includes prayer, donations, and events. Bob Walter, a retired pastor, and Kathy De Boer liaise with the school.

The church supported the back-to-school event by providing goodies, school supplies, a clothing drive, and cross-generational volunteer support.

Mary Catherine Harris, a kindergarten teacher for Yavapai, exclaimed, “This is so lovely! I feel like I am at a tea. I feel like I am at resort.”

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