Synod Approves Appointment of Michael Goheen to Calvin Seminary

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Synod 2012 approved the appointment of Dr. Michael Goheen as a professor of missiology at Calvin Theological Seminary (reduced load).

Goheen told delegates he was an undergraduate before he began to understand Reformed theology. But even as he began to investigate truths that until then were foreign, he struggled to understand how they would shape his life and what God had in store for him.

Dr. Michael Goheen
Photo: Karen Huttenga

Goheen told delegates that his teaching style reflects the strengths of the Reformed theology he discovered as a young adult and the Baptist Pietist tradition he was raised in.

“I’m still grateful for that grounding,” Goheen told delegates.

Goheen said the evangelical groundings of knowing the Bible, evangelism, prayer, and individual ethics have positively influenced his beliefs about both mission and missions—concepts he said haven’t always been stressed in the Christian Reformed Church.

His background in teaching Reformed Worldview will also be prevalent in his missiology instruction, teaching students how their beliefs will be shaped by the stories they are living out.

Goheen describes his new working bond with the seminary as a “kind of a unique relationship” that is complicated. He also works with students on projects in San Francisco and Phoenix. “We’re kind of building the plane while we’re flying it,” he said.


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