Synod 2012 Receives Greetings from South Africa

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Rev. T.C. Rabali brought greetings to Synod 2012 as a fraternal delegate from the Reformed Churches of South Africa, Synod Zoutspanberg.

Rev. T.C. Rabali, Reformed Churches in South Africa, Synod Zoutspanberg.
Photo: Karen Huttenga

He told delegates that his presence at the Christian Reformed synod in Ancaster, Ontario, was evidence of the value his church places on maintaining strong bonds with the Christian Reformed Church.

“We have a mandate to do all we can to enhance the relationship for the sake of God’s kingdom,” Rabali said.

He encouraged CRC delegates to continue contact between themselves and their Reformed Church brethren—even if it is informal. He said making visits to South Africa to visit churches like his could be beneficial, as it has been for congregants at Madison Square Church in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Rabali invited CRC delegates to the celebration of Synod Zoutspanberg’s 50th anniversary in 2013.

“We believe there are valuable lessons in our history we are celebrating,” Rabali said. “We look back and thank God for his grace and faithfulness.”


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