Ontario Deacon First Signer of New Covenant for Officebearers

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Corina Setala, a deacon at Bethlehem Christian Reformed Church in Thunder Bay, Ontario, was the first person in the CRC to sign the new Covenant for Officebearers.

Corina Setala signs the Covenant for Officebearers.

The new Covenant, by which officebearers affirm their commitment the creeds and confessions of the church, had been approved by Synod 2012 just a week earlier. It replaced the Form of Subscription, which had been used for nearly 400 years.

Setala was installed as a deacon on May 27 and signed the form at her first council meeting, June 19, 2012. Al Postma, pastor of the church, had to print his own version of the Covenant, since an official form is not yet available.

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