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PGA Pros Lead Church Golf Clinic


There may have been snow on the ground outside, but inside Hillside Community Christian Reformed Church, 75 golfers from both the church and the neighborhood were improving their game.

Zea, 12, gets some pointers on her golf swing from PGA pro Matt Koets at Hillside's golf clinic.

Six members of the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) led a free four-day clinic at the Cutlerville, Mich., church.

Each night, the church lowered large nets from the rafters of the sanctuary, creating an indoor driving range for ten golfers at a time, explained Mike Boogaard, a PGA member since 1987. Out in the foyer was a short game area with chipping and putting.

“It was a unique opportunity to invite our neighbors and friends as to have some fun, get ready for the upcoming golf season, and to see the church as a partner in the community,” said Daniel Bud, pastor of outreach and pastoral care. “We wanted to open up and show them that . . . we love to have fun and love to mix with people in the community.”

The clinic also featured a camcorders and a TV video setup that could help participants analyze their swings and learn how to improve.

“It’s a great way to work on your game when there’s a foot of snow on the ground,” said Ryan Diepstra, a member at Hillside. “We really try to reiterate that we’re a community church. We’re part of the community and our doors are open.”

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