Hope and Help to Find Jobs in New Jersey

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Finding a job in the current U.S. economy can be an overwhelming task. But New Hope Community Ministries, a diaconal outreach of several Christian Reformed churches in northern New Jersey, is helping.

Mary Dombrosky wanted to return to work with animals, but her experience in that area was well in the past. So Stephanie Steen, the community and employment director at New Hope Ministries and a member of Ridgewood CRC, showed Dombrosky how to incorporate all her relevant experience into two resumes, one focused on her corporate experience and the other highlighting her work with animals.

With that guidance, Dombrosky was able to find a job in about two months as an oncology assistant at an animal hospital.

She praised the assistance provided by Steen: “I couldn't be more thankful for all of her help!"

New Hope’s program also offers practice for job interviews, assistance in writing cover letters, and computer and internet access for online job applications and training.

The program started about a year ago with a grant from the New Jersey-based Pascale Sykes Foundation.

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