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B, a retired Fulani man living in West Africa, has a generator repair business. Since he lives near a Christian Reformed World Missions’ (CRWM) radio production studio, B often fixes the studio’s generators.

B quickly sees what needs to be done and how to do it. But when he came to help one time, he wasn’t feeling well.  Too sick to move, he sat on a chair and told his apprentice and a Fulani believer what generator parts to remove and replace.

Seeing his sickly state, the Fulani believer suggested that they set up a special time to pray over him. B comes from a Muslim family like most Fulani, so he might have refused the offer. But instead he accepted it.

The Fulani believer and a CRWM missionary met together beforehand to pray for their meeting. They prayed that the Holy Spirit would speak through them into B’s heart. Then they met with B. They shared the gospel with him and prayed for him to be healed in Jesus’ name.

As he traveled home, B felt a heat come over his body and the sickness lift. He knew that Jesus had healed him. And he responded in faith.

“I’m encouraged by two things in this story,” says the CRWM missionary. “First, it was because of the concern and initiative of the Fulani believer that we prayed for B. This suggests a good level of maturity on the believer’s part.  Second, we’ve often prayed for the sick but have seldom seen cases where healing was so clearly related to the prayer, and where the one healed was ready to follow Jesus.”

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