CTS Partners with Kuyper College

Calvin Theological Seminary (CTS) has created a new partnership with Kuyper College through an agreement that shortens the required time for students to complete their undergraduate and graduate level work.  Both of the educational institutions are in Grand Rapids, Mich.

The new arrangement will allow students to complete all their required courses for a bachelor degree from Kuyper and a master-of-divinity degree (M.Div.) from CTS in six years, an academic plan that used to take seven or more years to complete.

Administrators at both institutions have been working hard to see how a potential partnership could more efficiently prepare students interested in parish ministry, all without taking away from a student’s academic experience. 

 “The six-year B.S. and M.Div. agreement does not change the requirements of either degree program,” says David Rylaarsdam, acting vice president for Academic Affairs at CTS.

“It simply shows Kuyper students how to take full advantage of Calvin Seminary’s advanced placement possibilities, as well as Kuyper’s summer courses.”

About the Author

Matthew Cooke, director of communications at Calvin Theological Seminary