New Jersey Churches Offer Immigration Help

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The Community Diaconal Network of Northern New Jersey, a partnership of six Christian Reformed churches, sponsored a free immigration forum at Unity Christian Reformed Church in Prospect Park, N.J.

Immigration lawyer David Nachman led the discussion, highlighting the issues important to citizenship and immigration. He emphasized the importance of providing reputable references and stated that churches and communities can provide useful help in the process.

Immigrants from Jordan, Honduras, Guatemala, The Netherlands, India, and Nicaragua attended the forum and were able to question Nachman and other attorneys about their specific situations after the presentation.

One woman, who took in a South American child 12 years ago to help her get access to treatment for severe burns, said, “We have been trying to get legal status for this young woman for two years. It is so confusing, expensive, and frustrating. Thank you for doing this for us.” 

The Diaconal Network was assisted by Al Santino and the Northeast Community Transformation organization. Nachman and Associates will also lead citizenship classes in the fall using a government grant they received for immigration education.

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Good Morning,
My name is Suzanne Singh. My husband, Ranjit Singh, is from India and we are having a problem regarding immigration. We went for our interview for green card at the Newark Immigration office. Because of a few issues, ICE took him into custody at the end of the interview. The USCIS refused to adjudicate the application citing lack of jurisdiction due to his outstanding deportation order. USCIS has sole jurisdiction to approve his green card despite the order and has erroneously closed it due to lack of jurisdiction. My husband remains eligible to adjust his status in the U.S. based on an approved I-130 filed by me. Meanwhile he is being detained and I am having to worry about how to pay the monthly bills and feed our three children. He is in a non-criminal facility so I do not understand why he needs to be detained for so long. We miss him and need him home. His detention is not benefiting any of us. I can't bring him his Prayer book or anything else. Why so many restrictions at a non-criminal facility? Any help or suggestions for me would be greatly appreciated.

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