Worship Delayed for Olympic Torch Relay

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As the Olympic torch made its way across Canada for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, one Ontario congregation delayed its worship service for a few minutes to watch the torch go by its building.

Fruitland Christian Reformed Church in Stoney Creek was about to start its worship service on Dec. 20 when Rev. Jerry Hoytema, a retired pastor who was leading the service, invited the congregation of about 300 people to step outside to see the torch relay pass by the church.

“Children and young people were particularly excited to witness this event and will likely always remember it,” Hoytema said.

“This was great,” said one of the church’s elders.

Once they were back inside, worship commenced, with Hoytema reminding parishioners that “we get excited about the Olympic torch, but Jesus is the light that lights up the whole world, and we should be even more excited about that.”

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