Trinity Makes Final Four in NCAA Soccer

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Trinity Christian College’s women’s soccer team made it to the final four in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) soccer championship in 2008. The Palos Heights, Ill.-based school was the smallest school in the NCAA finals.

Trinity hosted a game for the first round of playoffs, in which 32 schools competed. The team traveled to Daytona Beach, Fla., for the finals in December. There they won their first two games but eventually lost to the team that placed first.

Coach Josh Lenarz said, “This truly was a special season. One thing that really stands out for me was that our team was prepared and focused for every match. We respected every one of our opponents, and that was the one factor that I believe helped us go 18-0 in the regular season.”

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Ruth Moblard DeYoung, a former Banner news correspondent and teacher, writes children's books. She is a member of Hope Christian Reformed Church in Oak Forest, Ill.