Tied to the Church

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Mike Kramer is “tied” to his church.

When Dresden (Ont.) Christian Reformed Church updated the curtains in its sanctuary, the 24-year-old lifetime member wanted a piece of history.

Mike worked hard to convince his mother, Betty, to make him a necktie out of a bit of the 1970s rust-colored curtain fabric. He even cut one of his own ties apart so she could use it as a pattern.

But it wasn’t Mike’s persistence that made Betty give in to his request. It was what he said. “He told me, ‘Mom, I just love this church!’” she said.

Mike wore his new tie on Student Send-Off Sunday.

He now lives in South Korea, where he’s teaching English. The church he loves prays for him, keeping that “tie” strong.

About the Author

Heather Wright is a freelance writer from Petrolia, Ontario.