Synod 2006: Host Church Determines Synod Worship Service Style

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The format and style of synod’s opening service of prayer and praise will continue to be under the jurisdiction of the host church.

An overture from Classis Grand Rapids East requested that the denomination have more say in the format of the service, following the service for Synod 2005, which saw communion served by only male elders. Rev. George Vander Weit, Classis Grand Rapids East, asked, “Shouldn’t synod’s diversity be showcased at synod’s worship service?”

At this year’s service, held at Sherman Street Christian Reformed Church, communion was served at three stations, with a female elder at each one. Elder delegate Andrew Konynebelt, Classis Alberta South/Saskatchewan, pointed out that he did not take communion because there was no opportunity to be served by only male elders.

However, Synod 2006 declined to impose rules on synod’s host church. As Rev. Cecil Van Niejenhuis, Classis Alberta North, said, “You can’t legislate sensitivity.”

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