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A small Sunday school class in Mission, British Columbia, surprised themselves when their commitment to buy a few goats for a community in Tanzania took off.

The project began when Karen Meinders, the children’s ministry coordinator at Mission Hills Community Christian Reformed Church, shared Psalm 23 and Bible stories about the Good Shepherd and the sheep with her 12 students. In response, Meinders wanted to involve the children in making a difference in a small and simple way.

The leap from studying about sheep to raising money for goats was an easy one for the group to make. Meinders explained to her class how goats are low maintenance, inexpensive to care for, and provide a family with nourishing milk, cheese, and cream.

The children brought in their own coins and birthday money. Momentum began to build as the first few goats became 17 goats, and eventually the whole church fellowship rallied around the children. In the end they collected enough money for 38 goats.

The funds will be directed through the gift-giving program of the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee.

“I was blown away,” said Meinders. “I’m excited by how a small group can change the world, one family at a time.”

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