$2 + Lemonade = 3 Goats

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With a two-dollar coin from her pastor, 10-year-old Shelby Van Roon decided to try earning enough money to buy a goat for a family in Africa.

She set up a lemonade stand at her grandparents’ garage sale and surprised herself by raising sufficient funds to purchase three of the animals.

“Our minister gave us two bucks. He said to use your talent to make it grow,” said Shelby.

Rev. Andrew Beunk of Fruitland Christian Reformed Church in Stoney Creek, Ontario, gave a sermon on the parable of the talents on GEMS Sunday. (GEMS is the CRC’s ministry to girls.) In it he mentioned the idea of purchasing goats for families in Africa.

“I thought a long time. I thought maybe I can buy the goat because it can help the family so much. It can give milk and cheese and stuff like that,” said Shelby, who plans to buy the goats through the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee.

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