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When their service trip to Haiti was canceled six hours before departure, (see story above) the seven-member team from Denver’s First Christian Reformed Church regrouped.

“I was shocked but also thankful that we were spared from a potentially dangerous situation,” said Lisa Gossman, an elementary teacher at Van Dellen Christian School in Denver.

The team of five adults and two teens met later to decide what to do with the money they had raised and the time they wanted to give to a service project. “It turns out that God was working in another way,” said Jon Lanser, 23.

A month after the cancellation of the Haiti trip, the team found itself in the Dominican Republic, filling in for a service team that had canceled its trip at the last minute. There they helped locals build the walls and beams of a church.

“God needed us to work both places,” said Gossman. “We were able to fund the project in Haiti and still had funds left over to work on the project waiting for us in the Dominican Republic.”

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