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Sea to Sea: Tour Was a Logistical Marvel


For the Sea to Sea tour’s logistical manager, Ed Witvoet, it was a great bike tour, but he was also glad when it finished. “I feel good about the whole tour,” he said, “but I feel ready for it to end. I’m tired.”
Witvoet planned every one of the 3,881 miles of the tour (6,245 kilometers) and arranged accommodations for up to 247 people in 55 different locations, as well as managing a myriad of other details.
Witvoet was also tour manager for the 2005 Sea to Sea tour across Canada. He said this time around things were easier because he knew what to expect.
Witvoet traveled ahead of the pack, making sure arrangements made months earlier with schools, campgrounds, police departments, transportation officials, and more were still in place. Cyclists especially marveled at how simply and smoothly the border crossings into Canada and back into the U.S. went.
There were no major glitches on the tour, though each day came with its own challenges. Even on the very last day, with the last 10 miles under police escort, the route had to be changed because one of the roads was flooded.

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