Quilting Compassion and Comfort

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Stitches of laughter can be heard many Tuesday afternoons at Kibbie Christian Reformed Church in South Haven, Mich. The soft snipping of material and faint clink of pins that accompanies the laughter are the sounds of compassion that cover every square inch of fabric from this small group of committed quilters.

Kibbie Quilters have made 65 quilts over the past four years, some for people they have never met and some for those with whom they worship.

 “It gives us a chance to give back—we’re blessed,” said Rebecca Haagsma. Mary DeRose added, “I’m the novice, so it’s free lessons.”

Their first quilt four years ago went to a friend who lost her home in a forest fire in New Mexico. Since then the group has sent several dozen quilts to International Aid for tsunami and Hurricane Katrina victims, some to a local emergency-services agency, some to church neighbors who had a house fire and others to newborns at Kibbie CRC.

Material is often donated, but the women also purchase their own fabric.

“God is the Creator, and we create too,” said quilter Della Hasty.

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