Michigan Church Organizes After 72 Years

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Bravo Christian Reformed Church in Fennville, Mich., has “graduated” after 72 years.

Bravo CRC spent decades as an “emerging church,” defined by the CRC as a congregation without a church council. Supervision of emerging churches is done by the local classis, or regional group of churches.

Evangelist Don Jabaay of Bravo said there were many reasons his church took so long to establish a church council and be classified as “organized.”

“We’re in a community with a lot of poverty,” he said. “Paying a larger portion [of the budget] is difficult.” Twenty percent of the church’s support still comes from Classis Holland.

Jabaay said Bravo CRC is “more laid back” in worship style and was already multiethnic years ago. Members of Bravo range in age from 3 years to 93.

Jabaay spoke of how the status of an organized church is meaningful to the congregation. “We are now no longer a daughter church, but a sister church at classis and have a voice, a vote at classis.”

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