Leadership Exchange Director Appointed


Chris Pullenayegem has been appointed as the first director of the Christian Reformed Church’s new Leadership Exchange. His appointment was approved by the executive committee of the denomination’s Board of Trustees.

In celebration of the CRC’s 150th anniversary, Synod 2007 approved the Leadership Exchange. Its purpose is to help prepare leaders by coordinating leadership training resources offered by other institutions and to supplement such training resources as needed.

Pullenayegem said the exchange will offer training resources from inside the CRC and perhaps the business, industrial, and educational worlds as well.

“I am deeply honored to work for the CRC and to work in this capacity,” said Pullenayegem, 52. “I hope to leave a legacy of leadership.”

The new director grew up in the Sri Lanka Reformed Church and said he learned a great deal about leadership and other things from CRC missionaries. “This is an investment by the CRC that has, in essence, come home,” he said.

Pullenayegem and his family are members of Friendship Community CRC in Toronto.

—CRC Communications