Grand Rapids Church Celebrates 100 Years

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Sherman Street Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., celebrated its 100th anniversary with a potluck in August, an arts evening in September, and a centennial celebration and worship service in November.

The congregation began with 40 families in 1907 and quickly grew, but then shrank drastically due to “white flight” from its inner-city location in the 1950s.

In the 1970s the church began to grow and reach out to its predominantly African American neighborhood. In 1997 the church established a mission of “racial reconciliation” and “linking with the community on issues of education and vocation.” Today the church has 113 families.

Anniversary Committee Chair George Monsma said Sherman Street is an “accepting church” that strives to use all members’ gifts. “We’re celebrating God’s faithfulness,” he said.

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Roxanne VanFarowe is a freelance writer who lives in the woods with her artist husband James and their five children in Hillsborough, North Carolina. They are members of Blacknall Presbyterian Church in Durham.