Former Banner Editor to Become Graduate School President

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The Institute for Christian Studies (ICS) has announced that Rev. John Suk, former editor of The Banner, will be its new president.

Suk, who is currently teaching at Asian Theological Seminary in the Philippines for Christian Reformed World Missions, will start work at the Toronto graduate school in the spring of 2006.

ICS board member Ren Siebenga said Suk is a natural fit for the position. He noted that Suk, ordained in the Christian Reformed Church, has been steeped in the Reformed tradition as both student and teacher in Christian day schools as well as at the post-secondary level. “He’s a product of the tradition. He’s also an imaginative thinker who will push us to connect, share, and grow with other Christian traditions,” said Siebenga.

Suk says he has discovered that his Reformed perspective is a great filter for understanding the world. “I am still curious about God, about the world he made for us to live in, and about what we’re supposed to do with it all,” said Suk.

John Meiboom, ICS vice president of advancement, is looking forward to the enthusiasm and skills that Suk will bring to the institute’s mission. “John brings a strong ability in communications,” said Meiboom.

ICS is a Christian graduate school in the Reformed tradition that prepares students for careers in areas such as university teaching, advocacy, and research. For more information see

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