Colorado Church Makes Room on Christmas Eve

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When Crestview Christian Reformed Church in Boulder, Colo., discovered that its turn to be an overnight shelter for people who live on the street coincided with its Christmas Eve service, they planned a service to integrate everyone into worship and a dinner afterward.

The service also included the Boulder Korean Church, which also meets in the Crestview building.

More than 20 people who live on the streets or in shelters participated in the service, with more at the potluck dinner following.

The church functions as an overflow facility for the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless on Friday evenings through the winter.

“Three different communities, who all use this church at different times, [are] together to celebrate Christmas,” said Rev. Art De Bruyn, Crestview’s pastor, as he opened the service.

Along with De Bruyn, Chris Mitchell, a manager from the Boulder shelter and Dan Hwang, pastor of the Korean Church, all read scripture.

At the conclusion of the service communion was offered with leaders from all three communities serving.

Dinner after the service was crowded as people mingled over casseroles, fried chicken, and Christmas cookies.

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