Bringing Christmas to Seniors

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Wright Christian Reformed Church of Kanawha, Iowa, provides a special Christmas present each year for residents of a local nursing home. The church moves its entire Christmas Day worship service, kids and all, to the home.

This Christmas will mark the fifth year the rural congregation has held its service in the nursing home’s living room.

“These people really want a Christmas service,” said Rev. Charles Walton, pastor of Wright CRC. “They want to get out of bed and attend the Christmas service. It’s more of a church family feeling [for them].”

“I think it’s great,” said 95-year-old resident Tillie Verbrugge, a member of Wright CRC. “It brings us all closer together. [The residents] enjoy it, and they are grateful for it.”

The church brings along large-print bulletins and serves refreshments afterward to the overflow crowd.

About the Author

Paul Delger is a long time professional writer and inspirational speaker to young people and lives in Kanawha, Iowa.

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