A Graduation Party to Remember

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Ending the high school journey with a service project has become a tradition for seniors at Quinte Christian High School, Belleville, Ontario.

This year, for the second time, the students came to All Nations Christian Reformed Church in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Elna Siebring, All Nations’ community networking coordinator, matched the students with work projects from street evangelism and running a basketball camp to completing much-needed renovations to All Nations’ 150-year-old building.

Siebring was impressed with the group’s devotion and energy. “Their desire to serve Jesus by serving others was so evident,” she said. “They were willing to step out and take risks.”

Tim Boonstra, a member of Maranatha CRC, Belleville spent part of his time helping out with the basketball camp for disadvantaged youths. “I think the experience helped us realize there’s more to life than the people at Quinte Christian High,” Boonstra said. “It’s a much bigger world with much bigger problems, and you can make a difference.”

Without the help of the Quinte team, many of the projects the students worked on simply wouldn’t have happened due to lack of resources, Siebring said.

About the Author

Rachel Boehm Van Harmelen is a writer and consultant specializing in communications for nonprofit organizations. She and her husband, Peter, have four children and live in Fall River, Nova Scotia, where they attend All Nations Christian Reformed Church