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Husband-and-wife duo Seth & Nirva challenge listeners to battle our culture’s moral decline with their six-track EP “On Earth.” The Lord’s Prayer is the main influence on the record, and the title cut echoes that. 

“The EP springs from this model prayer as we ask the Lord to bring the kind of revival, reformation, and awakening to His Church that will reshape the world around us,” Nirva Ready said in a release. “We often think of God's Kingdom as merely ethereal or otherworldly, and while it does transcend this world, it has real implications for us now. Our prayer is that those Kingdom purposes would come to pass here on Earth.”  

The single “Armor” describes the Christian soldiers’ posture and says in part: “Put on the whole armor; Draw strength from your Father; You’ll find you’ll be stronger; When you put on the whole armor of God.” The musical elements weave soft pop, soul, and gospel with beautiful harmonies. Most of the music is quiet and reflective with the exception of “Fire Fall,” on which one hears a spirited preacher in the background. The record is only 17 minutes long yet offers tranquility for the soul. (Wings Music Group)

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