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The duo Apollo LTD has never been bashful about discussing the human journey in their music, and Hello Human continues the dialog. “God gives meaning to the human experience,” said guitarist Adam Stark in a release. “This is an album about waking up to the life God intends for us. While we are here on Earth for a short time reconciling the way it is with the way it was meant to be, Jesus serves as our blueprint for how to be human.” The recording features three radio singles: “Redemption Song,” “Soul Worth Saving,” and “Future Calling.” “Future Calling” boasts an upbeat sound with lyrics such as “The future (heaven) is calling your name.” “Hooked” has a cool 1970s rock/funk vibe and describes the desire to connect with God. The beauty of this record lies in the variety. Listeners will hear alternative pop, electro-pop, ballads, and different flavors of rock. This album, with its variety of musical influences and simple yet profound lyrics, grabs the listener from the opening song and takes them on an enjoyable, meaningful ride. (Residence/Centricity Music)

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