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For believers, the intersection of work and faith can be a natural place for tension. We know our identities are in Christ, but western culture also places a distinct identity-based emphasis on what we do for a living. It’s often challenging to grapple with the two, especially if we feel our day jobs don’t inherently point to Christ.

The Cultivated podcast seeks to explore that balance of faith and work. A staple of the Christianity Today podcast collection, the show is hosted by Mike Cosper and features conversations with guests from various walks of life. In each episode, Cosper prompts these guests—musicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, academics—to discuss how faith informs their work and why they do what they do.

Part of the appeal of the Cultivated podcast is its application for listeners in all career stages. There’s unique insight to be discovered for everyone, from those just beginning their careers to those who have practiced their vocation for some time. Cosper seems to have a knack for conversation and for prompting thoughtful responses from the show’s guests, no matter their career or industry.

In terms of vocation and faith, Cultivated makes some key points. Most of the individuals featured on the show have some degree of influence in their professions, and it’s interesting to hear them discuss their Christian identity and how it shapes their craft. For the most part, a sense of vocation has helped many of them strive for grace and truth in their work. As Cosper and author Bret Lott discuss in his episode, knowing who we are as believers is the starting place for our participation in culture and helps shape all our work. Perhaps the intersection of faith and work shouldn’t be a place for tension; rather, it should be a space to cultivate our unique purpose.

The Cultivated podcast has not debuted a new episode since 2021, but existing episodes can be accessed on various podcast platforms.

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