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The word “hustle” used to be a verb signifying the act of moving rapidly or hurriedly. Now, we tend to think of the word “hustle” as a noun. Hustle has become a lifestyle centered around success and staying busy. It’s something to chase, to strive for.

However, hustle is something that can be detrimental to daily life—and for Christians, it can negatively affect our spiritual lives in particular. Pastor John Mark Comer and YouTube personality Jefferson Bethke tackle this subject in their podcast, Fight Hustle, End Hurry. The podcast is based off of Comer’s book The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry and Bethke’s book To Hell With the Hustle.

The idea behind the podcast came when Bethke sent a text to Comer during the summer of 2019, asking Comer to write a recommendation for his book. Comer was also in the book-writing process, and the two realized they were writing about the same topic: how hustle and hurry are pervasive problems in western culture.

In the Fight Hustle, End Hurry podcast, Comer and Bethke discuss the problems, their own personal experiences, and some helpful ways to resist the effects of hustle and hurry. Each episode has a central theme that shapes the conversation, including silence, simplicity, and empathy. Listeners will surely appreciate the full and nuanced conversations the two hosts have with each other. Comer and Bethke are each well-read and eager to share facts and ideas that correlate to the theme of each episode. From Sabbath practices to coffee shops to Elon Musk, these topics contribute to the show’s engaging environment and sometimes lighten up some heavier moments.

Faith and spiritual life also are prominent aspects of this podcast. “Jesus was not in a hurry,” Comer remarked in the first episode. “His life was full, but not over-full.” As believers themselves, the two hosts share biblical perspectives and solutions to combat the problems that hustle and hurry pose for Christ followers.

Though things look a little different in light of this year, the Fight Hustle, End Hurry podcast is still an eye-opening exploration. It’s an invitation to step back, slow down, and pursue a more purposeful lifestyle. The 10-episode collection is available to stream or download from most podcast platforms.

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