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Bryan and Katie Torwalt of Jesus Culture provide a powerful worship experience with the 11-track, “I’ve Got Good News.” It’s the couple’s first live recorded album. From a release: “What does it mean to hear good news in 2022? It’s a relief to hear that Jesus is still on the throne today. Though we might not be spared from sadness or grief in this life, the God of the universe is with us through it all. We pray that as we give language to what good news looks like in life for us today, that you are filled with hope and relief as you hear these living words of the gospel of Jesus.” The record begins with the triumphant title track and says in part, “I’ve got good news; For the broken, for the hurting; He came for you; In your hoping, in your searching; One thing remains true; Jesus is still our good news.” Another encouraging song is “Holding onto Hope,” where two lines stand out: “I’m holding onto faith: I’m holding onto hope.” This album draws listeners into God’s presence with stirring anthems and moving lyrics. (Capitol Christian Music Group)

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