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Worship leader and songwriter Cody Carnes provides listeners with a powerful worship album in his latest release. This record features nine songs including “Nothing Else,” “Christ Be Magnified,” and the soaring, emotional title track, “Run to the Father.” “This song is really just about any moment that you need to run to the father,” Carnes said. “Yes, it can be about salvation; that’s a big part of the song, but it’s also just about needing God every day. So many times, we want to run away from God, but the reality is that God has open arms. He’s a loving father. He’s kind. He’s a healer. He’s a surgeon. He’s a friend.”

“Heaven Fall” is another gem. The lyrics say, “Your freedom, your mercy, your hope. We want it all. Let heaven fall, let heaven fall. We want it all.” The album’s music is reflective, praiseworthy and comforting, while the sound offers an anthemic and pop feel. This record will not disappoint listeners searching for immersive, substantial praise music.

“I pray these songs draw people into deep encounters with Jesus," Carnes said in a release. "I hope people know God is madly in love with them and wants to be in a close, intimate relationship with them. I pray it leads the church into new life, fresh fire, and deep repentance that produces a church who worships in Spirit and Truth." (Capitol CMG)

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