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In this biblically based children’s picture book, illustrator Christan Stewart’s vivid artwork combines with author Tony Evans’ simple, yet powerful, text to convey to young readers the truth that every person is made in the image of God. Children are drawn into the narrative with a question: “Do you know what you and every other kid in the whole world shares?” The answer? “God’s special stamp is on all of you—the stamp that says, ‘Made by God—with love.’” 

Portraying ethnically diverse children interacting and enjoying each other’s company, Made by God shows young readers in an age-sensitive way the importance of seeking unity amongst diversity, and the necessity of showing the love of God to every person we meet, whether they look like us or not. Evans spells out the Easter story and how Jesus came to deal with the sin problem—including the sin of racism—once and for all. Evans offers helpful suggestions for how children can bridge the gap to kids unlike themselves: invite them to sit with you at lunch, go to the park with them and play Frisbee, celebrate a holiday or birthday with them, and more. 

Recommended as a resource for Christian parents, caregivers, and children’s worship leaders to help children understand God’s good gifts to all people and the destructive effects of racism. 

(Harvest House Publishers)

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