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December 20, 2022 - 

Author Rousseaux Brasseur’s retelling of the Christmas story invites children into far more than the events transpiring in Bethlehem when Jesus was born. In broad strokes, Brasseur energetically and joyfully conveys the grand sweep of God’s rescue plan for his beloved children and all creation: “I wish to tell my readers now, before this tale begins, / That unlike every other book, this story has no end. / If truth be told, this book you hold is just the middle chapter / In God’s plan, which spans from before time began to the infinite hereafter. / It’s the story of God’s glory at the heart of human history / In which God revealed who He is and uncovered the mystery. / So as you hear it, may God’s Spirit stir inside your heart / And bring you into His kingdom too…Now it’s time for our story to start.” 

Illustrator Sian James’s gorgeous artwork—abounding with splendid golds, vivid oranges, deep blues, glowing yellows, and verdant greens—captures God’s glorious redemption story as Brasseur’s narrative unfolds: Israel’s long wait for the Messiah; the angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary; Joseph’s dilemma upon hearing of Mary’s pregnancy, and the angel assuring Joseph in a dream to take Mary as his wife; their arduous journey to Bethlehem; the birth of Jesus; the shepherds’ visit; the arrival of the Magi to the house where Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were living; and, much later, Christ’s death on the cross, and the empty tomb. In conclusion, Brasseur offers an invitation, showing that the gospel calls for a worshipful response: “And from ancient days up till today, to all who trust in Christ, / The Father gives forgiveness of sins and everlasting life. / So open up your heart to Him—believe the good news is true. / Receive this glorious Christmas gift that God holds out to you.”  

 Recommended as a wonderful addition to a family’s devotional library. (Harvest House)


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