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Authors Rachael and Jacob Denhollander invite young readers to understand the vast worth of every boy in this companion to their previous children’s picture book, How Much Is a Little Girl Worth?: “Fearfully and wonderfully made to be loved, / Valuable just ’cause you’re you. / Uniquely designed, you are one of a kind. / Little boy, do you know this is true? / Your body and mind, your heart and your soul, / Were all made in His image, made to be whole.” The authors simply and poignantly spell out for children the truth of the gospel: “God is the strongest; what He says is true. / And He’s told the world just how much He loves you. / He showed your value by giving His life, / Showed you are worth such a great sacrifice.”  

In an introductory letter to adult readers, the Denhollanders write, “Our boys need to know that their worth is not derived from or dependent on external sources. It comes from how they were made, and by whom. Our boys need to know that their value is intrinsic to who they are, not based on what they can do or what others have done to them. Our boys need to know whose voice to listen to and how to measure their value.” 

Illustrator Marcin Piwowarski’s charming, whimsical artwork captures the delight, wonder, joy, curiosity, and love evident in the lives of little boys (and their parents and caregivers), created in God’s image and for his glory. (Tyndale House Publishers)

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