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In this picture book for children, vivid artwork and clear, simple text merge to effectively narrate the biblical story of creation, fall, and redemption by employing the metaphors of light, shadows, and darkness. 

Children will learn that Adam and Eve, created in God’s image, “were designed to flourish in God’s light and carry it inside their hearts. This made them light-bearers—people who could shine God’s light throughout the world.” But when the “light-bearers” defied God, thinking their own light was better than God’s light, “it started creating shadows,” causing tension and hatred between people as some considered themselves “better, brighter, and more important than others.”  

The authors relate how still today the shadows of sin in people’s hearts blind them to the truth that God’s likeness is evident in all people, regardless of skin color, culture, ability, or status. They also express how God loves people so much, he sent Jesus to die on the cross and rise from death “to turn on the light in our hearts and break through all the shadows.” The authors then spell out the life-giving consequences of having hearts filled with God’s light—overcoming the shadows that create fear, shame, loneliness, and anger by seeing the God-created beauty in each person, by noticing people who have been ignored, by showing compassion, and by loving people even though they believe differently.  

The authors end with questions and a challenge for children and their parents or caregivers: “Can you think of any people who might feel hidden because of a shadow someone made? Is there someone who needs to be seen and loved better in your family or community? Ask Jesus to help you be a light-bearer, because seeing people as God sees them changes everything.”  

Recommended as a devotional resource to help children be “light-bearers” and to assist them in beginning to understand the biblical foundation for seeking justice in God’s world so that his shalom will be evident. (Harvest Kids)


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