When Grey Came to Stay by Amber Kuipers, illustrated by Linda Yolanda Kloosterhof

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Julie and her parents loved each other, but then an accident changed her life forever: “Julie’s dad never came home. But Grey did.” This uninvited new friend, “Grey,” appeared in Julie’s world like a hovering dark cloud. “Grey was big, dark, and overwhelming. He took up a lot of room at Julie’s house. He seemed to fill up every corner.” 

This story depicts the complicated emotions a child goes through after bereavement. It portrays a child’s experiences with empathy and sensitivity while offering good coping strategies. It also helps parents and family members to understand what grief feels like to children. Both the author and the illustrator show personal encounters with loss, as shown in their words of dedication at the front of the book. (Alanna Rusnak Publishing)

About the Author

Mary Li Ma, Ph.D., is a a member of Plymouth Heights CRC church in Grand Rapids, Mich.