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Remember a time when podcasts weren’t as popular as they are now? Even then, Jefferson (Jeff) and Alyssa Bethke were utilizing that medium. The married Christian couple launched the Anything & Everything Podcast in 2014 to share their thoughts on faith, relationships, and real life. Now—several years and a name change later—the duo shares wisdom and insight through The Real Life Podcast.

As the show has changed over the years, so have Jeff and Alyssa. After Jeff posted a video on YouTube that went viral in 2012, the pair started making videos together and gained popularity for their advice on dating and marriage. Today, Jeff and Alyssa are also speakers, authors, and podcasters whose messaging is primarily geared toward equipping and inspiring families. 

The Real Life Podcast is about just that—real life. The heart of the show is that of authentic and faith-based conversation on topics like theology, culture, and family life. As Jeff shares in the intro, the couple’s goal is that listeners feel as though they’re sitting in the Bethke’s living room, drinking a cup of coffee and engaging in discussion. This genuine feel makes the show appealing and engaging for listeners.

In fact, one of the most appealing aspects of The Real Life Podcast is that it’s very listener-focused in nature. Jeff and Alyssa often host entire episodes dedicated to Q&A sessions based on questions from their audience. They’ve also provided their podcast listeners with special glimpses into their forthcoming books or other projects. It’s clear they’re both attentive and thankful for the platform God has given them.

The podcast appears to be on another hiatus, which has happened throughout various seasons of Jeff and Alyssa’s life in the past few years. But there’s no doubt they’ll bring renewed encouragement when they return. In the meantime, episodes of The Real Life Podcast are available for streaming on most podcast platforms.

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