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Seth and Jenna Herlich planned to take their music in one direction, but God had another purpose for the husband-wife duo. “Our ministry started like Jonah,” said the couple on their website. “We were being called to play music for churches, but we kept running away from it. We thought secular music was where our talents were, but God has vastly different plans. We planned our first summer tour expecting it to be full of coffee shops and breweries, with a couple churches along the way to fill up the schedule. But it turned out that all the secular venues fell through and we played a tour of 30 churches on both the west and east coast.” Now the couple offers their first full-length album, Even in the Dark, and it plays beautifully. The music invokes a folk style with peaceful ballads, while the message centers on worship and trust in a revealing God. Two highlights include “Psalm 27 (I Will Sing),” which focuses on God’s goodness, and “I Have Prepared You for This,” a song regarding direction for a big opportunity. Sit back and soak this music up because it’s worth the journey. (Him + Her Worship)

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