Out of My Hands by Mallary Hope

Out of My Hands
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Mallary Hope declares she is boldly releasing her plans to God in her debut full-length album, “Out of My Hands.” Hope’s transparency is refreshing as the music centers upon her struggles such as self-worth and comparison to others. Themes of self-worth, identity in Christ and finding your purpose are highlighted throughout the 14-track recording.

“Our worth and identity are not rooted in what we do,” Hope said. “Our worth and identity are rooted in God and who he created us to be.”

A couple of gems on the CD include “Me,” which talks about self-acceptance and not comparing herself to others, whereas “Walking in the Light,” is a bouncy song focusing on trusting God no matter what happens. Her country roots as a singer and songwriter for Faith Hill, Sara Evans, Lauren Alaina, and Jana Kramer are evident. But the music isn’t just country as Hope shows versatility with a bubbly pop presence, too. If this first effort is any indication, Hope’s sweet voice will lend itself to many more songs and records. (Curb)

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