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When two recording artists fall in love, it makes for a unique story. BECOMING:us is a new cinematic podcast hosted by singer/songwriter Moriah Smallbone and her husband Joel Smallbone (of for KING & COUNTRY) and highlights that story. In six meaningful episodes, the couple share their experiences of love, music, and faith while encouraging listeners to become who God wants them to be.

BECOMING:us is shaped around the narrative of Moriah and Joel’s relationship journey. From their first time meeting at a wedding to their married years, each episode focuses on a specific stage in their relationship. The two of them discuss their own feelings from those parts of life and reflect together on what it means for their relationship now, while also acknowledging what God has taught them. They also mix in a bit of humor to keep things lively and fun. For those who are single, dating, or married, there are various conversations that will resonate and provide encouragement.

Moriah and Joel also feature their mentor and friend Kerry Hasenbalg as a special guest in each episode. Kerry is the founder of The BECOMING Academy, which provides tools for couples to navigate marriage and faith. She rounds out each episode with practical guidance and some helpful tools that can help Moriah and Joel, as well as anyone who is listening.

BECOMING:us is described as a cinematic podcast, and that comes with a unique twist: the episodes aren’t only available for listening, but also for watching. Moriah and Joel recorded a video of each episode, complete with stunning videography and editing. These visual components can be viewed on Accessmore and Apple Podcasts. The regular audio episodes also are available for streaming through most podcast services.

Though the first season has wrapped up, Moriah and Joel mentioned on Instagram that a second season of BECOMING:us is in the works.

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