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Listening to GRAMMY Award-winning artist Lauren Daigle sing is something special. And listening to her talk is even more of a treat. With the launch of her podcast, Daigle Bites, earlier this year, listeners can now enjoy both in one place.

Daigle Bites is a mixture of commentary, music, and snippets from pre-show Q&A sessions from Daigle’s music tours. Each episode centers around a specific theme. From music to identity to her Louisiana upbringing, Daigle shares her thoughts and wisdom on many different topics. Each episode also begins and ends with segments of one of her songs, such as “You Say” and “Look Up Child.”

What makes Daigle Bites such a joy to listen to is the host’s unfiltered and often humorous commentary. Whether she’s overemphasizing her southern drawl, gushing over her favorite foods, or chuckling at her own jokes, Daigle radiates pure authenticity. It gives the show a cozy, laid-back feel—perfect for sitting down with a cup of coffee or relaxing after a long day. It’s therapeutic in a refreshingly simple way.

In every episode, Daigle’s faith in God is evident. She ponders what God was teaching her in different seasons of her life and shares about moments when she came close to God in the midst of pain and struggle. It’s clear that her faith has shaped her passion for music, and vice versa.

While the show seems to be on a hiatus right now, this gives new listeners the opportunity to binge all of the previous episodes and enjoy what Daigle Bites has to offer. If you’re a fan of Daigle’s music, you’ll certainly be a fan of this show.

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